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    Unanswered: Event procedures in detail section of continuous subform?

    Hello all,

    I have form with a subform (continuous).

    My goal is to force the user to either save or discard changes when changing records in the detail section of the continuous subform.

    Ive attached a simplified database for your perusal. You can open the form called FRMPROJECTS to start.

    On the form you will see the actual forecasts in the detail section with an area in the footer where changes to those forecasts can be made. Upon saving those changes, the forecasts in the detail section are immediately updated.

    For a given project, you will see 2 different types in the detail section (billable and non-billable). When the user makes changes to one (lets say billable) and then clicks on the other (non-billable) without saving the changes, the changes are lost.

    How can I force the user to choose to save or discard those changes? I have been able to do it when going to the next record but not when changing the billing type by clicking on the detail section.

    Ive tried using many of the different event procedures and am just not having any luck.

    Thanks for your help!

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