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    Unanswered: Connection timeout

    We recently moved our SQL Server to a faster machine. Everything is working great except every once in a while we get a connection timeout to the sql server. Everything else seems to be performing better but that initial connection is taking longer.

    I realize this could be caused by a great deal of things, but if anybody has any suggestions I would appriciate it.

    Thanks much.

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    Leave an open connection for the next time the problem occurs. When it does, run exec sp_who2 and check the BlkBy column - if there is a value there, that is the id of the process (spid) that is blocking. Often you will have multiple blocking spids, and the key to that is to find the spid that is blocking at least one other spid but is not blocked - aka the culprit.

    You can run DBCC INPUTBUFFER(culprit) to see what command it is running.

    Happy hunting.

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