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    Unanswered: Quick Question regarding number of instances...

    I am developing an application for a client who already has a liscensed SQL server running. They have a software package that requires an instance using "Windows Only" for the authentication mode. I need an instance to use "SQL Server and Windows" for my application to be able to speak with the server from other computers on their network (or at least I believe I do....).

    My question is, "is there any restrictions on the 'number' of instances an institution can run on a computer that is liscensed to run the software"?

    Alternately, if there is a limit, I need to figure out if it is possible to set up the application (VB6, btw) to connect to the server from outside the host computer if it is using "Windows Only" Authentication. The application will be installed on several computers in the client's network and I'm not familiar with how to dynamicly poll the 'current Windows Login' information.

    It would be much simpler for the application to create a new instance with the desired authentication method, but is there a security issue in doing this? Would the data be any more at risk to outside corruption using the SQL server authentication mode?
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    Number of named instances if default instance is already present is 15. Total number of instances including default instance cannot exceed 16.

    Windows authentication is safer simply because there is no need to provide user ID and password in clear text. If you use OLE DB Provider then "Intgrated Security=SSPI'and for DSN-less connections, - "Trusted_Connection=Yes"
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