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    Unanswered: sequencing question / troubleshooting

    I'm using postgresql 7.4. I'm trying to create a sequence named "seq1", then run a query that drops a bunch of records into tbl95(one of the fields in tbl95 defaults to "nextval('public.seq1'::text)") and then when done it deletes the sequence. It's for dumping financial info into a "checks" table. The sequence is suppose to generate check numbers based on the users input parameter called "checkno". But when the page is opened I get this error:

    ERROR: relation "public.seq1" does not exist

    So it's quite obvious it's not creating the sequence, but I'm not sure why. Any ideas, anyone? Here's the code I'm using:

    // begin create seq1 to generate checknos
    $checkno__Seq1 = '-1';
    if (isset($_GET['checkno'])) {
    $checkno__Seq1 = $_GET['checkno'];
    $query_Seq1 = sprintf("CREATE SEQUENCE public.seq1 INCREMENT 1 START '%s'", $checkno__Seq1);
    // end create seq1 to generate checknos

    // begin Recordset
    $session1__Recordset1 = '-1';
    if (isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['col1'])) {
    $session1__Recordset1 = $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['col1'];
    $recordid66__Recordset1 = '-1';
    if (isset($_GET['recordid66'])) {
    $recordid66__Recordset1 = $_GET['recordid66'];
    $query_Recordset1 = sprintf("INSERT INTO tbl95 ( col13, col2, col27, col28, col30, col31, col32, col33, col34, col16 ) SELECT view1.col23, view1.col2, view1.physician, view1.totaltopay, view1.col4, view1.col5, view1.col6, view1.col7, view1.col8, '%s' AS user FROM view1 WHERE (view1.col23='%s')", $session1__Recordset1,$recordid66__Recordset1);
    $Recordset1 = $base2->SelectLimit($query_Recordset1) or die($base2->ErrorMsg());
    $totalRows_Recordset1 = $Recordset1->RecordCount();
    // end Recordset

    // destroy checkno sequence
    $destroycheckno__Seq1 = "DROP SEQUENCE public.seq1";
    // end of destroy checkno sequence

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    sadly, i don't do php, so i can't tell for sure, but it doesn't look like you have any error trapping, so if the CREATE SEQUENCE statement fails, you still go ahead and attempt the INSERT

    the START value of CREATE SEQUENCE looks like it's a string

    pretty sure that's not right

    also, what's $checkno__Seq1 for, and why is there a comma in front of it? | @rudydotca
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