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    Unanswered: migration from oracle 7.1.4 to 10g

    how can i migate my data and applications to oracle 10g

    my data is 7.1/SCO UNIX
    and forms in 4.5 and reports 2.5. These forms and reports will be migrated to 6i

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    Not sure about Forms and Reports, but for the database you'll have to upgrade to another version first, then upgrade to 10g. Direct upgrade from v7.x is not supported for 10g.

    Supporting article can be found here.

    Basically, upgrade to 8.0.6, 8.1.7, 9.0.1, or 9.2 first, then go to 10g.

    From previous 7.x to 8/9 upgrades, some of my remaining brain cells have memory of 7.x upgrades requiring an upgrade to 8.0.x first because of data dictionary changes... does any one else know for sure?
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    Not sure about the database upgrades, but the forms and reports will automatically convert when they are opened in the 6I forms and reports developer.
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    Just like joebednarz, I can't remember the exact technical blurb, but from 7 to 8 there were a lot of structural changes to the data files and other physical attributes of the database. These changes continued through to 9 (& presumably 10), but the changes between 7 & 10 are too much for an upgrade to handle in one go - there was a big 'structural change' leap to 8, & again to 10, & the upgrade can't handle 2 big leaps at once, therefore the 'advice' from Oracle is to stage the upgrade, effectively changing your database structure a bit at a time.
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    The other alternative is to install 10g on another server (or oracle home), create the database and then imp/exp the data to the new database. That way you have an easy backout route as you still have the old database with data incase things go wrong. Then when your happy with 10g you can do a quick switchover.

    Of course this assumes you have spare servers or diskspace to create the new 10g database.


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