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    Unanswered: determine a value falls within range of values

    hello! i'm new to access and hope u could help me fix this problem..
    need to know whether a calculated value from a query falls within a specified range from a table

    ActualEarnings: 1,200.00
    Bracket, RangeFrom, RangeTo
    A, 1000.00, 1249.99
    B, 1249.99, 1749.99

    so that when ActualEarnings is 1,200, then it should fall within the range of Bracket A (1000.00 - 1,249.99) and so it would return "A"..

    how do i solve this?? where to do this? a query? a form?
    any help is greatly appreciated... thanks!!

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    Thumbs up A simple query will do the job.

    1 - Create a table with content (Table1) as described in your question.
    2 - Create a query, select SQL view and paste in this:
    SELECT Table1.Bracket, Table1.RangeFrom, Table1.RangeTo
    FROM Table1
    WHERE (((Table1.RangeFrom)<1200) AND ((Table1.RangeTo)>1200));

    1200 could easily be a parameter value from a form.


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