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    Question Unanswered: SELECT...INTO in Visual C++ 6.0

    I don't know why doesn't work next code with Betrieve bases in Visual C++ 6.0 with Pervasive Software ODBC-32 interface installed on my machine:

    "SELECT account.acc_bal, SUM(, SUM(accrest.rest_e) "
    "INTO ACCTBL IN \"d:\\\" \"dBase III;\" "
    "FROM accrest,account "
    "WHERE account.ID = accrest.ID AND accrest.FDATE = '12/10/2004' "
    "AND account.acc_bal Between 3900 and 3907 "
    "GROUP BY account.acc_bal");
    int statlen = strlen( (char*)statement );
    SQLExecDirect( hstmt, statement, statlen );

    There are no connection errors and SELECT without INTO clause works properly. But SELECT...INTO returns 558 status code that is undocumented in Pervasive documentation. And, it is terrible, it works good in Visual Basic.
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