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Thread: parse error

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    Unanswered: parse error

    I dont know much abt php.I am getting the error

    Parse error: parse error in C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\lacuc\lacuc_config.php on line 39

    the code in line 39 in lacuc_config file is

    // directory submitted files are stored till reviewed by admin
    // from root
    $move_file_source = 'c:\Program Files\submitted_files\';

    some one solve this problem.I am approaching the deadline.please.............

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    I can't find an error in the line you posted.
    Check your code if you have all braces and parenthesis closed.
    If can't find something, post a little bit more code please.

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    although the error is reported on line 39, it may be that the compiler has hit an unexpected token/value on line 39
    as ChiefRebelAngel suggests check for brqacketing or other punctuation in the preceeding lines
    there could be a semicolon missing of the previous line, or a malformed statement (eg missing some parameters or closing bracket)

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    help, parse error!

    I have a problem, i keep getting a parse error, and it keeps popping up in different places.. the problem i think, is that in another part of the script, its trying to echo... and seeing as i know.. umm.. nothing about this, i can't fix it. i'm just trying to customize a free script i found.. and i can sort of get it to work, but othertimes not. help me? (what i'm trying to do is change a mboard.php script so i can add a background, and enclose the message board within a table adjusted right)

    Parse error: parse error in /export/home/scf-27/philipko/public_html/mboard/mboard2.php on line 298

    here's the code.. i'm not sure which is line 298.. but yeah, its in there.

    <script language=\"Javascript\" src=\"$settings[mboard_url]/smileys.js\"><!--
    <body background="" bgproperties=fixed text=827D00 link=FFFFFF vlink=FFFFFF alink=000000>

    <h3 align=\"center\">$settings[mboard_title]</h3>

    <div align=\"center\"><center>
    <table border=\"0\" width=\"95%\"><tr>

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