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    Unanswered: Can anybody help me :(

    Does anyone know if its possible to trigger an event based on the "No Duplicates" function in reports? ie.

    I have two fields Address and one textbox

    123 Fake Street

    This is just a test letter

    What I would like to do is that in the event that the address has been discovered to be a duplicate is it possible to trigger the textbox to hide as well?

    As it stands at the moment the address vanishes but the textbox remains.

    I thought the code would be something like this:

    If address.visible = false then
    me.textbox.visible = false
    me.textbox.visible = true

    Grouping and mailmerge are out of the question, which is the reason I'm in this particular position

    I was just wondering if when you use the "no duplicates" property in a report that there would be some hidden control enabled to hide the duplicate addresses within the report.

    I'm greatful for any help.


    Ps. I posted a simlar question earlier, but I thought I'd try and explain it better.

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    You should be taking care of this sort of business before the report is approached. One way may be to create a Temporary Table (via code) and sorting out any duplicates.....then open your report based on that table. Delete the temporary table when done.

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