chema A Schema B
Table Z:(9i) Table Z:(9i)
a, a,
b, b,
c, (varchar2(9)) c,(number(9))
d are columns in Table Z d are columns in Table Z

I need to Insert the Columns from Schema b to Schema A and If there are any records in Column c in Schmena B like 123,1234, I need to lpad them with 0's in front upto 9 digits.

So Iam writing this query

if tabName||'.C@'||dblink is not null then
a := lpad( 'select '||tabName||'.CS@'||dblink,9,'0');
end if;

execute immedaite ' insert into ' || tabName ||
' (' || colList ||'b,c,d) ' ||
' select ' || colList ||', null,'||a||',null ' ||
' from ' || tabName ||'@'||dblink;

Its not working? Can any one suggest how to fix this error.

Thanks in advance