Lattice.Portal is a re-designed IBuySpy Portal using strong OO techniques with the help of Lattice.DataMapper persistence framework. It was developed to demonstrate the power and simplicity of the Lattice.DataMapper persistence framework.

The Lattice.Portal offers all the functionality of typical portal applications, including:

*10 basic portal modules for common types of content
*Custom portal modules based on a "pluggable" framework that is simple to extend
*Online administration of portal layout, content and security
*Roles-based security for viewing content, editing content, and administering the portal

Lattice.Portal use same code base for both Oracle and SQL Server and can be switched from SQL Server to Oracle just by changing your datasource in the XML configuration file. You do not need to change a single line of code.

What you will notice is that very little is changed on UI layer, and that the code at Components has reduced dramatically. You will also see that Lattice.Portal is very easy to add new modules that support different datasource without duplicate code.

Lattice.Portal also provides a tool to generate stored procedures, business objects and mapping files which supports both Oracle and SQL Server.