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    Question Unanswered: Changing the Charset in Oracle DB


    I got stuck with a problem here. Appreciate any help.

    We have a database with many tables, where the character encoding for the columns in these tables is ASCII, i.e a 2-byte encoding.

    Now, if we want to insert or retrieve data from these tables, the User Interface is not able to display those characters which have an ASCII value greater than 250. It says the ASCII value is beyond 250 and cannot display. Actually, the ASCII check has been put into place after the data was inserted into the DB by the users. So, now it is not able to display those "out-of-range" ASCII values after putting the ASCII check on the data.

    So, if I have to change the encoding to Unicode, how can I do that? If I can do that, will it take effect on all the columns in all the tables or can I do it for a single column? If I can do this, will the User Interface display the characters properly and behave consistently like that?

    Appreciate a quick response.


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    afaik us7ascii is fully and identically included into utf8 and consuming 1 byte where umlauts or other western european special chars consume 2 bytes and the sign 3 bytes .
    depending on your current nls settings try issuing :
    ALTER DATABASE CHARACTER SET UTF8; and see what happens ; if the new set is a superset which is utf8 to us7ascii no error msg is thrown ..

    see metalink Note:119164.1 for details

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