first the test environment: WinXP-Client (myODBC, ADO 2.81.1117.0), MySQL-Database on server (quite small, 130000 entries, 25MB), VC++.
The problem: I'm opening a table like this
"Recset->Open(tablename,Connection,adOpenStatic,adLockOpti mistic,adCmdTableDirect);" with a client side cursor.
The performance of this command is normal when I'm connecting to a MS-SQL oder Oracle database via ADO or to MySQL/MS-SQL/Oracle via BDE (with a BDE function of course). The one combination that makes trouble is MySQL via ADO. I'm loosing about 10 seconds. I have the impression that the real length of each data field is counted.
Changing the cursortype, locktype and option has no effect.

Any idea???
bye and thanks