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    Unanswered: data codepage stored by web applications


    i have DB2 8.1.5 running under AIX 5.1.5 with utf-8 codepage collating using system

    as far as i know, the DB engine should store the data according to UTF-8 codepage, but using ASP web application with windows-1256 codepage, data is stored into tables using 1256 codepage !

    on the other hand, trying to read same data using PHP web application using unixODBC DSN, it fails to read 1256 codepage from DataBase

    is there any parameter to set in db2 / CLI configuration file that handle this ?
    is there any parameter in ODBC DSN related to codepage ?

    hany heggy,
    IBM certified Professional, AIX system support

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    1) how do you know that the data is being stored using codepage 1256 - have you, for example, used HEX(colname) to verify?
    2) is it being stored in a CHAR FOR BIT DATA column? (yes, I know this is unlikely)
    3) run an application snapshot. confirm that the server thinks the application has a codepage of 1256 (codepage_id). Use GET DB CFG to confirm that the server has codepage 1208.
    4) what error do you get from unixODBC? (don't know this product)

    James Campbell

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