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    Unanswered: new to db2

    Hi All,

    can anyone let me know how to identify which edition of db2 is installed on a machine? I would like to find out whether it is Personal Edition or Personal DEVELOPER edition.


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    If it is a Windows machine, do the following:

    Open up the Windows Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs.

    Look for entries starting with DB2. These are the DB2 products that are installed on your machine. If you click on the support information link, you will see a dialog box with the DB2 product name that is installed.
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    db2licm -l

    In my case, gives me:-

    J:\dba_scripts>db2licm -l
    Product Name = "DB2 Enterprise Server Edition"
    Product Password = "DB2ESE"
    Version Information = "8.1"
    Expiry Date = "Permanent"
    Registered Connect User Policy = "Disabled"
    Number Of Entitled Users = "5"
    Enforcement Policy = "Soft Stop"
    Number of processors = "1"
    Number of licensed processors = "1"
    Annotation = ""
    Other information = ""

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