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    Unanswered: Insert Into Help!

    I am trying to insert data into a table that has two columns. I have the following code.

    for count = 1 to 800
    intNumbOfPasses = count
    txtCondition = Dlookup(......)
    docmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO tblViewCond (Passes,Condition) VALUES (intNumbOfPasses, txtCondition)

    For some reason whenever I run this code, my form always prompts me to enter a Paramater value for txtCondition. The value for txtCondition should come from the Dlookup command.

    I have used this EXACT method to insert values into other tables and they worked great. I can't figure out why this one won't work? Please help! Thanks in advance.


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    Um ...


    ... VALUES (" & intNumbOfPasses & ",'" & txtCondition & "');"
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    Talking Thanks!

    Thanks! That worked. Quick question though... I am pretty new to this stuff. What is the purpose of the "&" before and after the Values? Whats the difference between the way I did it, and the way you did it?

    Thanks again for your help!

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    Think of the SQL instruction

    INSERT INTO tblViewCond Passes,Condition) VALUES (3, "Not Null")


    notNull="Not Null"
    INSERT INTO tblViewCond Passes,Condition) VALUES (i, notNull)

    Notice anything missing from the second SQL instruction.

    In fact if anything, it's a surprise that Mike's solution worked as there are not quote marks in it. When a DoCmd.RunSQL command encounters a variable it passes the value of that variable to an SQL instruction. That's fine if it's a number and the field is expecting a number. Strings and dates are a bit more complicated.

    I would have tried

    VALUES (" & intNumbOfPasses & ",''" & txtCondition & "'');"

    Note the single ' marks after the comma and before the ).

    However I don't usually use the doCmd.RunSQL instruction so maybe I'm wrong, and the grand poobah is usually right anyway so ....

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