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    Unanswered: Alter table in ASE 11.9.2

    Can anybody tell me the syntax for alter table in ASE 11.9.2

    I am using ater table <table name> modify <field> datatype .
    it says syntax error.

    Appriciate for your help.
    Rajib Banerjee

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    Smile Alter table in Sybase 11.9.2 examples

    Hi - I have added fields to the end of existing tables in my database
    using this command

    alter table crwdb..fsr_templ_schma add n_grp varchar(30) null

    and deleted when they didn't want one

    alter table crwdb..fsr_templ_schma drop n_grp

    Hope this helps

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    alter table .... modify won't work in 11.9.2, as it was new as of v12.0 of Sybase.

    alter table .... drop column also wasn't officially supported until v12.0, although it did work in some versions of 11.9.2. I recall it dropping in and then back out depending on the EBF used. I believe that it was taken out as it was leading to table corruption in some instances.

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