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    Unanswered: Binding Report to Another Query

    I currently have a report that is bound to a Query. I copied and pasted the report to create an identical one. It is still bound to the original query. Is there any way to bind that report to a different query? The format of the other query is exactly the same.

    Access 2000 gives you option to select which query you would like a report bound to when creating a new report. I am basically asking if this parameter can be modified once a report already exists?

    Thanks for your help!

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    you can choose another query from report's recordsource property.

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    Hello, Welcome to the board.
    Since your post is the first and it sounds like yiou are rather new to Access (since you are using the report wizard from your description) I will expand the reply from Ghozy a bit.
    Right Click on the black square in the upper left of the report in design view. Select Properties. Select the Data tab. Choose your query from the record source drop down.
    Lastly ( at the risk of sounding sarcastic) Read the help files and consider buying a decent DB book.

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