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    Question Unanswered: Innovative Systems Smart Data Base Software

    HELP.....I am looking for anyone who may still be using an old DOS based version of Innovative Software's Smart Data Base system. We have been running a very complex application for years. It works extremely well operating on a Window's 98 platform even in a network environment. Everything but one function operates equally as well on the newer non-DOS based operating systems such as Windows 2000 and NT. The function that does not work is "PURGE". This does not properly close out files and creates havoc. Has anyone found a work around or missing DOS function that can be programed in to allow this function to work?

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    Smile Help Windows XP run old DOS programs

    The User to User column of PC magazine Feb 22, 2005, p. 69-70 may offer a solution to your problem. There may be an autoexec.nt file that is missing, especially after the SP2 update. I was seeing whether there was a market value for my collection of SMART software, various versions, and came across your post. I don't regularly check here and if you need a .pdf of those pages, please email me at

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