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    Unanswered: Data files in Flash Drive

    Hi friends,
    i want to know something abt sql server installation and database properties as under.
    1) how much disk space reqd by multiuser sqlserver 2000 db to install ?
    2) is it possible to install sql 2K on Flash Drive ( gen connect at USB) ?
    3) When v create a database user Enterprise Manager , which files created by database ?
    4) If i Know datafiles name of a database e.g. pubs , and if v copied on cd and paste on other system which has sql 2K install , does those database works ?
    5) is it possible to create database on flash drive ?

    thanx in advance.

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    Come on...are these trick questions?

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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    I suppose it could be done, but you would have to be very sure that you properly detach the database before someone goes and unplugs the USB drive. I think you would set yourself up for a heck of a lot more user errors than SQL Server errors this way.

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