I am working on a project in VB6.0 and SQL Server. We use MS Excel for our reports. We also

use server side COM+ components.

We have a situation where we are not able to open some of the reports in 'protected' mode

(i.e, to prevent the users from making changes to the excel report). When we try to open

these in protected mode, the application is crashing, giving a Dr. Watson error.

When we change the VB code to open the excel reports in 'Unprotected' mode, the applcation

works alright. But in this case, the users would be able to change the reports as they like.

Why am I not able to open these excel reports in protected mode from my VB6.0 exe?

Is there a way, where we can prevent the users from making changes to the excel report, even

if we open it in 'unprotected' mode?

We tried using the 'Read Only Recommended' option but that allows the users to make changes

and save changes as some other file name (although the users are prevented from making

changes to the same file) and this cannot be allowed in our application.

Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance