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    Question Unanswered: MSSQL Linked Server to Pervasive.SQL V8 Error Using Oledb provider

    Can anyone help me please? I would like to create a linked server on a MSSQL2000 server.

    I have a standard install of the Pervasive.SQL V8 data engine and DemoData db on my local PC. The SQL Server is also on my local PC.

    I manage to create the Linked Server using the MSSQL Enterprise Manager. I used the following configuration:

    Provider Name: Pervasive.SQL V8 OLE DB Provider
    Product Name: Pervasive.SQL V8
    Data source: DemoData
    Provider string: <blank>
    Location: workstation03
    Catalog: <blank>

    However when I try to expand the tables object under Linked Servers in the Enterprise manager I get the following error.

    Error 7311: Could not obtain the schema rowset for the OLE DB provider 'UNKNOWN'. The provider supports the interface, but retuns a failure code when it is used. OLE DB error trace [OLE/DB Provider 'UNKNOWN' IDBSchemaRowset::GetRowset returned 0x80040155 ].

    Thank you.

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    That looks right. workstation03 is the pervasive server, right?

    Have you tried making a system ODBC dsn and linking to that?

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    Hi, sorry for the delayed response. Yes worstation03 is the pervasive server. I'll give it a go with ODBC.

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