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    Unanswered: Sybase license inrease

    Hello everyone,this is my first time posting a message so i hope i don't post anything stupid.I was wondering how I can incease the number of Sybase licenses(concurrent users),Is this done by using the command sp_configure "license information",number ? My default values are set to 25 and what I need to done it to incease them to 50. I have run the following command sp_configure "license information",50 but I have paid for only 25 licenses.In order for it to work do I have to pay for another 25 licenses and then apply the above command in the master database? If anyone has any ideas it would be a life saver.

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    You can run:

    sp_configure "license information" , 50

    I have never used a central license host. But assuming you are not using a central license host, you can add as many licenses you want to eliminate the error message. The warning is only a soft warning. Sybase has no interest in shutting you out of your system. But they would like you to pay for the licenses! :- >

    I'm pretty sure this will NOT require a reboot either.

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