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    Unanswered: restore database using onload

    We're having problems restoring data into newly created Informix database. Here is the situation. We're building brand new database, it would run on Windows NT. The series of steps is as follows:

    Install Windows NT4.0
    Install IDS 7.3
    Add additional db space, using onspaces command.
    Run onload command to load the data into the new database from file, not from tape

    onload -t f:\dbinformix\dbfile.unl -b 16 -s 65536000 -d dbspace custdb

    There are several strange results:
    Prior to starting onload, I checked the connection to db via IESS and there were 2 events, critical errors: 1 - multiple sessions, 2 - logging full to 77% capacity.
    Second, after onload finished, it returns to Informix prompt with the message "Invalid tape". How to check if any data actually got loaded?

    I would like to 1 - disable logging. Any recommendations on that? I don't understand multiple sessions message, because there was only one informix user.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe I missed some steps, please ask me questions.

    Thank -- Anna

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    According to Informix's migration guide "you cannot use onunload and onload to move data between UNIX and Windows NT because they use different page sizes"

    You don't specify the source of the data but if it is UNIX then you will not be able to use onload.

    To turn login off you use:
    - ontape -s -N <database name>

    this will create a backup of the database and set it to "no loggin", you can modify the tape parameters on the onconfig file to point to NULL, that way it will only take seconds for the transition. Just remember to restore the loggin after your tables have been populated.

    Hope this helps

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    loading informix using onload.


    thank you very much for your response.

    WE are migrating from Windows NT to Windows NT, so there is no issue of Unix to NT.

    onload utility creates the database and the tables: the database name is one of the parameters of the statement. I did not think it applies to do dblog -N dbname prior to onload, because db does not exist prior to running onload command in our scenario.

    As far as turning off logging, I meant to find a method or a way to disable writing the transactions to the log files during the onload. As I said in the previous thread, Events in IECC report 'logging full" message even prior to launch of the onload command.

    I hope I did not confuse the issue.

    Thank you co much -- Anna

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