ork Summary

The candidate filling this MS SQL Server DBA position will develop, deploy
and support development, OAT, Stage and Production databases. This
includes database design, application development support, and database
production support for the ESE STAR, National Board, GED, EPAS, and Data
Warehouse applications.


The ideal candidate will be responsible for:

1) Provides technical expertise to the development of solutions
for such items as DBMS tools and utilities usage, database backup, recovery,
database performance, and performance monitoring.
2) Runs transaction access path analysis sessions with
application developers, analyzing specifications and code to ensure that
data access and database designs are as efficient as possible. Make
recommendations for improvements in these areas, if necessary.
3) Fully utilizes CASE tools to develop, or modify, physical
database designs from logical designs, using the logical design, discussion
with the Data Analyst, application development reviews, and documented
results from transaction access path analysis sessions as input.
4) Uses database CASE development tools for physical database
design and documentation.

Please send resume to stephen.sequeira@rcgit.com