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    Unhappy Unanswered: "Out of string space" error in MS Access 2000

    Hello everyone,
    I'm running an -Access 2000 made- application in a PC that uses Office XP (without converting). In a particular form - which contains a combo box and a command button - when I select a value from the combo and then click on the button, I receive an "out of string space" message.

    The command button (if it was working properly) should open another form in "Add" Mode.

    It is crazy, but this problem happens only in this particular PC.
    The application has already worked in other PCs (with Office XP)

    Is it a problem that will be fixed with a service-pack or is it something else?


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    I never eard something like that!!!

    Office 2000 runs perfectly with Windows XP. I have it on my pc.

    -Have you check the size of strings.
    -Have you check if when open the form, the value you want to add, is going to that form or is being duplicated in the combo, and for that you are having the error.

    Note that i've experienced, that some basic functions doesn't work well with office XP, and works fine with 2000, this case happens to me, i was going nuts to see from where the error came:

    -in a date field of a table, i set the predefined value for: =Date()
    (in Access 2000, this were, and it is working fine)

    when i installed Office XP and run the application, i got the error "Function Date unknown in field: "Field's name"". I looked, and looked and everithing to me seemed right, i could not find why was that error appearing, so i decided to take off the "=" from "=Date()" in the field, and the problem vanished.

    Maybe that is happening to you, from the way you refer to forms and controls.

    If you send me the file i can take a look to see what is happening.

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    hi I would say that you have to change the field size

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