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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Help DB from a DB

    hi guys thanks for the reply in advanced, well here goes my proble, im in the process of deciding in the purshasing of a software or just program it, here are the details, what the app should do is make querys basically, now it seems a bite steep (28 grand) for the ready made application, plus im trying to convince my boss not tu make this purshace because it is a waste of alot of money.... money that can go to me .... now this what i thought up, we work basically from databases that other companys compile, a client comes in with us and every bit of information that we know from this client works, what i mean is like Drivers Licence, Policy Number, Name, Last Name anything that can tell us in wich company they are, the way that we normally do this is we enter the companys site manually, login, and make a query of these fields that i mention, what i was thinking is create a DB of these clients search my DB first to crossreferece for a match, if no match then make the querys to these sites but all in the same page, now i don't have control over the sites DB copy the info, store it for future reference and just make the appropiate decition based on the queried information, i was thinking oracle because we are talking lots and lots of records that would populate my database or maybe im just looking at it the wrong way... can someone help.. i deas or sugestions are welcomed......

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    A few things to consider:

    How critical is this project (i.e. will you lose your job if it fails? Will the company go bust/suffer trade loss etc if it fails? Is it crucial to the company's work?)

    Do you (or the company) have the skill & ability to design and write a system that will do the job as well as, if not better than, the one that you can purchase?

    How soon does this system have to be in place? Can you afford the time to design, write, test & implement the system, or does it need to be up & running yesterday?

    These are the questions that you need to answer before going further - it may be that however much money you could save doing it yourself won't matter if you can't actually do it yourself for reasons of time/expertise/chance of failure etc.
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