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    Red face Unanswered: Annoying event on DB2 UDB 7

    When I install a new DB2 subsystem using the wizard in the control center, the process ends with a message saying that the utilities could not be bound.

    I then have to use the CCA to bind the utilities, restart Control Center in order to use the newly created database.

    We're running DB2 7 with FP 10a on Windows 2000 Server with SP4


    Also, I have a bug when I want to use the import / export functionality in the Script Center. The FS hiearchy is not available at all.

    We're using Remote Admnistrator to work on the server.


    Thank you in advance


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    If the version/fixpak of the client is different than server, then you have to rebind the utilities from the client for each database.

    If you have a version 8 client, it will not work properly with version 7 server. If they are both version 7, I would upgrade both the FP 13 (or latest fixpak).
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