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    Unanswered: problem in writing to excel using perl

    I am using the followinf perl function to write to excel.
    It is truncating the string after say 400 characters or so.
    Is there any restriction in the size of the string to be written into excel from perl. can Someone help me in this ???

    sub CreateExcel{

    #### Function For Creating the excel and writing the values to the excel, the $filname is the full file path####

    my ($filename,$headers,$values)=rearrange([FILENAME,HEADER,VALUES],@param);

    my $workbook = Spreadsheet::WriteExcel->new("$filename");

    $worksheet = $workbook->addworksheet(); # Add a worksheet

    for(my $ctr=0;$ctr<=$#disp_names;$ctr++){
    $worksheet->write(0, $ctr, "$disp_names[$ctr]");

    for(my $i=0;$i<=$#disp_values;$i++){
    for(my $j=0;$j<=$#disp_names;$j++){
    $worksheet->write($i+1, $j, "$disp_values[$i][$j]");

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    In the documentation of Spreadsheet::WriteExcel there is no limitation mentioned, but use the
    method instead of the write()-method

    In write_string() the string is limited to 32767 characters... - The German Perl-Community

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