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    Unanswered: .DAT files help needed urgently!

    I have been given a PC in desperation for a friend who's life work is on it (groan) Win95, (PI, 32Mb RAM etc) running an old DB programme written in what I assume is cobolt (VB front end). The app stopped being able to query or retrieve the underlying data so he sent it into a 'local high street expert' who seem to have written some DOS commands which make the DB delete all underlying data files everytime it is executed.

    I have loaded a data retrieval app which has found the missing deleted files - which are displayed as .DAT files, but some fool has associated them with Adobe Reader and I cannot seem to open them in an understandable format. I was going to use the data source and knock him up an Access DB - the chap is elderly and heartbroken.

    Is there anyone who can help? I have tried various file viewers and all I get is ASCII code..he did not back up, the CDROM wont work and neither do the USB ports so am having to transfer by floppy any files needed.

    Thanks in advance

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    Pls send me the file. Ill try to recover it.

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