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    Unanswered: loop with dblink

    I have one more quesiton regarding for loops:

    This table is in the Other Schema and Iam accessing it through the DBLINK.

    A (Other Schema)

    USER_ID are the columns

    Here ES_ID and ROLES_ID both are different, Iam just getting the ROLES_ID from the SEQUENCE

    So For each ES_ID ,user_id in the Table A, I want to create an entries at the other table called B
    execute immediate 'select ES_id,user_id from' ||a||'@'||dblink into e,f;

    for k in (e,f ) loop

    insert into table B(User_Id,ROLES_ID);

    Table A
    1 john
    1 paul
    2 kim

    I want to insert like

    John 101
    Paul 101
    Kim 102

    This 101 and 102 are the ROLE_ID which Iam generating from the sequence. Any help would be great.

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    Is the schema in the same instance?

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