Hello all.

I would like to know the best way to develop multilanguage software, with multi-character encoding in Delphi 7.

I'm looking into TNT Unicode components, which look very well. But they work with unicode strings (widestrings) only.

My problem is my database server is Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio 8 (we will migrate to 9 soon) and it only supports UTF8 database enconding (collate) and character set.

Does this means every time I read or write to the database I will have to encode and decode the data to/from UTF8?

What can I do with all the DB comps, like DBEdit or TntDBEdit? I tried to use them directly, but the data is loss when it goes to the database and comes back.

Is there a way to work all in UTF8 in delphi, without making any conversions?

I don't know what strategy should I have to take.

Please, let me know any ideas you have: eneko[@]enekoalonso[.]com