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    Unanswered: Backup / Restore using ontape

    Hello everyone

    I just convert my Informix 7.31 to Informix 9.40.

    That is allowing me to do ontape backup on file.

    I do have 2 Informix database BKP and BK2. Both of it are now under informix 9.40.

    What I need to do is backup BKP and restore it into BK2 to have an exact copy of BKP. ( I need to do that at least ones a month )

    I did perform a level 0 backup of BKP
    ontape -s -L 0

    Now I would like to restore into BK2. I cannot shutdown BKP when restoring into BK2.

    Both databases are on the same server.(Hardware)

    Both databases are using raw devices.

    Even if all the variables are pointing to BK2, ontape tries to restore into BKP.

    So the question is:
    Is anybody already did a backup of an Informix database and restore it into another one, on the same machine?

    Backup BKP and restore it into BK2

    all suggestion will be highly appreciate.


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    I suppose that you have two instances of Informix on the same machine not two databases.
    If you are trying to restore the backup of BKP on BK2, ontape needs some of the parameters in onconfig of BK2 to be equal to onconfig of BKP (rootdbs & TAPEDEV ) otherwise it will give the error of mismatch of rootdbs of ontape backup file and BK2. Further it will use the same devices for dbspaces also as of BKP which is not at all desirable.
    So I dont think that you can achieve this by ontape, you better take the dbexport of the BKP and dbimport it on BK2.

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    Since IDS 9.40 it is possible to resore an instance to another instance on the same machine. What you need to do is a so called redirected restore. THis is done with the ontape option -rename. Check 'ontape --' for the complete syntax. Make sure all chunks have the same size and all chunks are written to a new path.



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