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    Unanswered: Unable to run a report in 9ias!

    Hai all,

    I'm very new to 9ias.I installed it successfully and set all the required parameters required to run the forms.Am working on 9ias release 2.I have my infrastructure and business intelligence(forms & reports)installed on the same machine.I tested my setup with the test form and report.Both are working fine.
    Now when I invoke one of my project's report through a form,am getting an error like,
    "41217:Unable to get report job status".

    There are some reports which I can run directly with out passing any parameters and they are invoked successfully.but the reports which take some parameters from a form are troubling.I see my report server up and running.What might be the problem?Please do help me!


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    Out of the box, 9iAS R2 is bug riddled & certified junkware.
    Forms is installed to NOT use SSO.
    Reports is installed to use SSO.
    The Form builtin RUN_REPORT_OBJECT won't succeed if & when the name of the Reports Server contains an underscore "_" character; which is how the default Reports Server is named.
    Without manual tweaking you are guarenteed to fail getting Forms invoking Reports.
    If possible, delete 9iAS R2 & use 10gAS.
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