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    Unanswered: DB Window and Menu views

    I have made my database so that users can not eneter the design view of anything and that the DB window is not available.

    I want to disable the Shift Key bypass (I know how to do this), I have created a password entry box on a button so that when the DB administrator enters the password, the DB window is available.

    My question is;

    I also want a coding that will enable the design view again once the DB window is available so the DB administrator can start to make changes.

    Any ideas


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    How to lock SHIFT+ENTER?

    Could you please share with me how you password protected the SHIFT+ENTER to open DB design views? I am a little new to this so more details would be of great help!

    Also, is there a way to assign a different key (ie. instead of the SHIFT) key to open the DB design view?


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