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    I am development a porgram an informix 4gl, i need disable the key ESC, i have this block in my program.

    accept key f32
    input xxx without defaults

    by default the accept key is ESC, but i need disable this key in this screen.

    Thank you for yuo help

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    It's been a million years since I've dealt with Informix 4gl, but this is what I recall.

    I don't think there's a way to "disable" a key but you can use a built-in Informix function called fgl_lastkey () in the 4gl code to check for the last key pressed.

    fgl_lastkey () is designed to be used with the fgl_keyval () function & goes something like this & it would have to be included in the "after field some_field_name" code:

    after field some_field_name #validate last key pressed
    if fgl_lastkey () = fgl_keyval ("esc") then #if esc was pressed
    next field some_field_name #return to last field for valid key stroke
    end if

    This isn't intended to be a complete solution but perhaps it'll point you in the right direction.

    good luck

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    From what I remember the Esc key is the default accept key, but I think there is a way to change that. Take a look at the manual there is got to be something in there.

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