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    Unanswered: Very Basic Database Help Needed


    I'm new to creating databases and am having trouble doing what I think are basic things. For my first project I wanted to create a database of my CDs:

    Created tblAlbum -> AlbumID (key), Title, ArtistID, Year, etc...
    Created tblArtist -> ArtistID (key), FirstName, LastName

    I linked the tables by ArtistID and am trying to create a form to enter new CDs. But I'm stuck on entering the artist. Is it possible to create a field in my form where I can either select the artist from a list (or type the first few letters and have it jump to the right artist) and then have it fill in the ArtistID automatically? Also, can the same box allow me to enter a new artist and have it auto-assign a new ArtistID in tblArtist?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I just wanted to add that if someone knows a good website where I can learn about this stuff myself, I'd appreciate the pointer.

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    I used Learn Access in 21 Days. Create a query of all Artists' names, then on your form, create a combox box with the query as the recordsource.

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    At the risk of sounding sarcastic Maelwys in Access just press F1.
    Also look here and here for some general Access stuff.
    Do not forget to learn SQL here is a start.
    Lastly the MS website is a wonderfull resource. If there is one thing MS does well for the user ,in my opinion, it is that they have good help files and wonderfull web help. Have fun !

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