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    Exclamation Unanswered: user and security administration

    I have two issues regarding users:

    1) I have 6 users with the exact same permissions, tablespace, etc...
    The issue is that 3 users out of the 6 are unable to run reports when a certain amount of rows are returned. I have tested all the users on one computer to rule out a PC/Oracle client issue. Is there something I am missing to check?

    2) A have one user in another department that can no longer run reports. I created a new user login for her with the same permissions as her old login. She can run the reports using the new login. Could the old name have gotten corrupted? What can I check?

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    what is the error that they are getting? are they all identical errors?
    is it possible they are not closing sessions and you have reached max-sessions?

    almost anything is possible at this stage without knowing what the error is.
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    >1) I have 6 users with the exact same permissions, tablespace, etc...
    If EVERYTHING were exactly the same, then you'd get the same results. Wouldn't you?
    Since you are getting different results, then something must be different.
    It is your task to find the difference.
    If you don't know what is different, why do you expect us to know your system better than you know it?
    You can lead some folks to knowledge, but you can not make them think.
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