Hello, we have an extensive set of databases on lotus approach v9.x (on XP desktops)

One ofthe databases pulls 5 fields from a 67 field Dbase4 database.

The dbase4 technology is starting to fail so I converted the database to use MySQL. its version 4.something, OBDC driver 3.51, fairly recent PHPMyAdmin, fairly recent WinMySQLAdmin.

I followed the instructions to install the OBDC driver, and I went into control panel->admin tools-> ODBC and added a user DSN.

In lotus, I want to make it now see this SQL database so I did file->open/editsql->add (table), then I selected 'OBDC data sources'. this 'folder' is empty and when I select to open or connect - lotus pops like an old baloon.

has anyone ever run into anything like this and does anyone see any glaring ommissions?