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    Unanswered: Clarification: DB2 LIST APPLICATIONS

    Hi all ,

    We are currently using Websphere 5.1 with DB2 v8.1.6.664 . In websphere i have specified connection pool size as 10 with timeout 30 minutes .

    When i ran a 25 user test , i can see the pool size in Webshpere reaching 34 and after 30 minutes coming down to the pool size 10 .

    I validated this by using "netstats -a " on the DB server box , I see only 10 socket conenctions made from Webshpere to DB2 .

    However "db2 list applications " gives me diffrent picture , It still shows 34 applications connected to the DB even though 24 of them are timed out .

    This often resutls in error "Maximum number of applications are already connected to the DB " .

    Would appriciate if someone can help me on this .



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    You don't say what OS your running DB2 on, but as an example AIX has a keep alive parms for those connections which defaults to 2 hours and will only disconnect from DB2 after that. You would need to change that parm down, but that would affect other network connections on you box too.
    David Quigley

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    I think you may have to look at this problem from the websphere perpective also ... When websphere timesout its connections, I would assume that it issues a disconnect to the database before timing out ... If it has not been issued, db2 server will assume that the client is still active because it as not recevied a disconnect


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    We are using Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 . Infact i waited 8 hours to see whether connections are getting timed out in DB2 , it never happened . The moment connections getting timed out in Websphere i can see the number of socket connections made to the DB2 box coming down to the same number as the connection pool size .

    For example :

    Webshpere connection pool size : 10

    Netstat -a shows me 10 socket conenctions .

    but DB2 list applications gives me 24 [ Remains 24 for days ] .

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