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    Unanswered: Free Gift- Price And Part Number Merge

    I am trying to merge two different database files that are currently in Excel documents.

    database #1 has about 62,000 items in it. It has two different columns. one column has the part numbers. and the second column has the prices.

    database #2 has about 20,000 items in it. It has two different columns. one column has the part numbers, and the second column has the full item description. This description in about two paragraphs long.

    I am triing to work with Database #2. I need to have a database that has the part number, the price , and the item description.

    Alot of the part numbers in database #2 are in database #1, But not all. Thats ok.

    is there a way I can send the prices and part numbers in database #1 to their respective part number in database #2 ??

    Please be aware that the two databases have a different amount of files in them.
    Most of the item part numbers in database 2 are in database 1. , but not all.

    Here is an Example:

    Database 1.

    item part number-----l Item Price ------ l
    abcd3344 ------------ l 200.00 ----------l

    Database 2.

    __________________________________________________ _
    item part number--- l item description

    abcd3344 ----------- l This is the item specs......

    I would like the following result.

    Database 3.

    __________________________________________________ _
    item part number-- l item Price--- l item description

    abcd3344 ----------l 200.00 ---------l this is the item specs....

    The FIRST person to give DETAILED instructions on how to do this successfully will receive a New Free 256MB USB memory thumb drive. To receive the Free drive you have to give me detailed instructions from start to finish on how to complete the above mentioned task. These instructions have to give every step of completing the task needed. Every window to open, every step to take.The Free memory drive will be shipped immediately after the instructions given have been proven to work.

    I appeciate your help.


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    Ok Bob,
    I gave you an SQL Method of doing this in the access forum here your other post

    So i will go through the method of doing it with vlookup here
    youll probably want to take a copy of your second worksheet and place it in a new worksheet in the same workbook as sheets 1 and sheets 2

    now im assuming that you only have 2 columns in your tables (as detailed above) so in the 3rd worksheet you will have an identical sheet to sheet2 to preserve your original data

    now into this 3rd worksheet in cell c2 (im assuming thats where you want the additional data) put in a formula like this

    =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(A2,Sheet1!$A$2:$B$8,2,FALSE)), "",(VLOOKUP(A2,Sheet1!$A$2:$B$8,2,FALSE)))

    Now ill go through each of these formulas in turn

    IF is just true or false in the form of IF(test,true,false)
    our test comprises of ISERROR
    This checks if there is an error returned by whatever is in the brackets
    our true part return nothing i.e. it doesnt exisit
    our false part returns the formula also being tested for a logical error of VLOOKUP

    VLOOKUP looks up values in a table and goes in the form
    VLOOKUP(what to look up, table, number of the column to look up, exactly or not)

    what to look up is just the cell reference to the part number
    table is your table 1 adjust this to be your full table1 and rename the sheet
    if you type this formula in yourself then you can just select the range on the worksheet you need, the column to look up is based on your table, if the values are next to each other then you will need the 2nd column or 2,
    exactly or not always set to false as true trys to find similar entries and hardly ever returns the correct result (at least in my experience)

    then this is what you are probably needing, if you have any other questions please just post back and i can either walk you through your issues or how to do this in a db

    and hopefully this reply makes some sense


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