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    Unanswered: Can I link different versions of Access?

    In a related matter to my other post about conversion problems, I'm wondering if I can link 97 and 2003 databases? I'm thinking of using 97 for the tables in the background, then the front end would be 2003. This would be a temporary thing. My company is upgrading everyone's computer, and since there are 3,000 machines, it won't happen all at once. So, I was thinking of having two front ends, one in 97 and one in 2003, with the back end in 97, unless it could be in 2003. Would this work? Not all 3,000 people use the Access databases I maintain, only about 300, but I'm still working on convincing them that we cannot have the users with two versions of Access. "Them" is the network people who think of Access files the same as Excel spreadsheets, not a database with dozens of concurrent users. If all else fails, I will stress the importance that those 300 people (or at least the data enterers) all get Access 2003 over a weekend.

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    Linking to Access 97


    You can link the Access 97 tables into the Access 2003 version. Just select File, Get External Data, Link Tables, and then locate the 97 database and link the tables you want.

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