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    Unanswered: Problem with Crystal 8.5 exporting reports

    any one can help me with Crystal run time 8.5

    i'm allowed to export only to PDF ..How can i export to other applications
    such as excel, html and other...

    please help me as this is very urgent...thanks

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    Check whether other apllications are installed


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    I checked my 8.5 installation and I get a pretty extensive list of export file types, including Excel, Word, HTML, XML, ...

    My guess is that this could be an installation issue. I think there are a number of options when you install Crystal Reports, and whoever performed the installation probably didn't include all the export options.

    Try Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs. Select the 'Change' option for Crystal Reports, click on Add/Remove in the Crystal Reports setup window, and look for 'Export Support'. Left click, and choose 'Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive'.

    Hopefully that will add in the missing features.

    Good luck!!

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