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    Unanswered: SQL Syn : How to get the list of table's column with it's data type

    1st of all, i want to apologize for my broken english...

    i'm here about to ask if anybody here knows how to get table's column name with it's data type,
    i try to join the pg_tables and pg_type but the data type of that column wasn't appear
    if i type "select * from pg_tables where tablename not like 'pg_%';"

    the result is like below :-
    schemaname | tablename | tableowner | hasindexes | hasrules | hastriggers
    public | table1 | owner1 | f | f | f
    public | table2 | owner2 | f | f | f

    how can i get the result like this :-
    tablename | datatype | defaultvalues
    table1 |varchar(12) | abc
    table1 |varchar(12) | def
    table1 |varchar(12) | ghi
    table1 |varchar(12) | jkl
    table1 |varchar(12) | mno
    table2 |int | 123
    table2 |int | 345
    table2 |int | 567
    table2 |int | 789
    table2 |int | 980

    is it can be done by joining the "pg_" file..
    if the answer is yes, how...?
    can anyone tell me plss...

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    >is it can be done by joining the "pg_" file..
    >if the answer is yes, how...?
    Yes, its possible. See Chapter 43. System Catalogs
    Or if you is lazy ;-)
    select c.relname, a.attname, t.typname||'('||a.attlen||')', d.adsrc
    pg_class c , pg_attribute a, pg_type t, pg_attrdef d
    where (c.relkind='r' or c.relkind='v') --for tables and views
    AND a.attrelid = c.oid
    AND t.oid=a.atttypid
    AND d.adrelid=c.oid
    AND d.adnum=a.attnum

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    it works...
    now i know how to use the "pg_" tables...
    thanx again

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