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    Smile Unanswered: Couldn't make .MDE file

    I've changed my .mdb file into Access 2002 format and try to create a .MDE file. But each time it will prompt an error message and then need to shut down the access programme.

    Could anyone give me some advice about this? THANKS IN ADVANCE.

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    • First of all you have to keep a back up copy!!
    • Then compact & repair DB
    • And try compiling your DB.
    To compile select Debug Menu > Compile while you are in the code window . This will return if there is any error in the code. If you are success then try to make in to MDE

    hope this helps

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    Do one more thing. Check and remove the extra event procedures. For example if we place a combo let us say named Combo0 and wrote event procedure in it. Later of months we think to change with proper name of the combo0. At this turn if we forget to delete the code on event of combo0 we wrote before, prevents making MDE files.

    So check and remove unnecessary codings that are behind the forms, compile the db and try making MDE. It should not stop you.

    With kind regards,
    Ashfaque Hussain
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