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Thread: ISAM error

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    Unanswered: ISAM error

    Hi guys
    I am no DB expert and need help here please.
    I have just recovered from a disk crash on WinNT40
    running Informix DS 7.31 TC4

    After recovering the users could noty log in
    Error was -27002
    so I tried 'onmode -m' - with no luck

    baan support suggested running 'ontape -a' but this came back with an error

    so I checked online.log and it had a message to run 'oncheck -pt 3146124'

    so I ran the above command and go the following message:
    IAMS Error: Primary and Mirror chunks are bad.

    How do I recover from this?

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    I think you have a down dbspace/chunk. Check 'onstat -d' output.
    You got some corruption during windows crash.

    May need to restore down dbspaces.

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    ISAM error

    What should I be looking for?

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    Check the Flags for all the chunks. They all should be PO, if you find PD, it means, that particular chunk is down. You can try to change the status of chunk using onspaces command.

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