Hello, I am looking for a team to help build and launch a very professional website that I have nearly completed in the past. Here is a sneak preview of the website:


I am looking for a team that can help me complete the site. Ofcoarse each member of the team will stay on the team as long as the website is alive, and will receive a certain percentage of the profit that will be expected to be made from advertisements and services.

I am looking for people with free time on their hands and knowledge in one of these areas.

-Knowledge in Coldfusion and/or PHP.

-Ability to create extremely good graphic designs and page layouts.
-Ability to create icon designs. (Optional)

So far all that exists on GamingEmpires is the layout of the front page, which is what I just showed. We also have a layout of the reviews and games page. We need all other pages and the backend, this is why I am seeking a team, so we can get it done fast!

So if you are interested, let me know! Post below or email me at z3r0eff3ct@aol.com. Or just leave your AIM or MSN here. Please do NOT AIM me or MSN me, I have block filters on. Thanks.