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    Business Rules:
    A company brokers both units for rent and units for sale. It brokers both apartments and houses. Apartments have exactly one management company associated with them that collects maintenance fees and then looks after
    the upkeep of the apartment
    . You should also keep track of what the maintenance fee is. The same management company might charge a different maintenance fee for a different apartment. Houses don’t have such a relationship because the house owners are supposed to look after them
    on their own. There is a three-way relationship between agents, customers, and properties – a customer considers a property using an agent. A customer may be considering several different properties, and the same property might have several customers (and their agents) considering it, and the same agent can be handling several customers and houses at the same time. A customer could also be dealing with several agents during the course of their house choosing. A property has an asking price and a minimum price. A customer considering it may offer a price. Of course, your database will also need to keep track of the addresses and owners of the properties.
    Owners, customers, and agents are all people. Of course, some people may be in more than one of those categories.

    My question:

    I already drew the conceptual diagram. Am i Correct?
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