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    Unanswered: URGENT - how to determine procedure cache size

    Hi folks -hope you can help me. I need to determine the size of the procedure cache to set on a new server that I've recently set up. The default is 3271 2K memory pages. The performance and tuning manual suggests that it should be the max. no of concurrent users * size of the largest plan * 1.25. How do I find out the size of the largest plan? I don't want to allocate too much memory to the procedure cache only for it to cause problems elsewhere.

    Thanks in advance!

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    sysprocs_entries = count(,
    size_in_pages = (count( / 8) + 1,
    size_in_bytes = ((count( / 8) + 1) * 2048
    from sysobjects,
    where sysobjects.type = "P"
    and =
    group By
    Order By count(

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