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    Question Unanswered: Compaing two tables to see differences

    I have a simple address collection database which contains two tables "A" and "B"
    "A" table was made by my friend who put his addresses collection and "B" was done by myself
    Both have the same columns (name,family name,telephone,address) - as we agree the same format before filling with the data.
    Some records (raws) are identical in both tables (because we have common friends) but some are different.

    I have no clue how to create a third table (or whatever) which contains raws which are in "A" table but not in "B" table
    In another words-I'd like to create something what shows differences

    So let's say the first table "A" contains records:

    John Smith Switzerland 4322342
    Paul Hammond USA 3453453
    Mary Watson England 98989345

    and "B" table containc raws:
    John Smith Switzerland 4322342
    Mary Watson England 98989345
    Paul McCartney England 3247723

    it should generate:
    Paul Hammond USA 3453453

    As you see I am a newbie in Access
    Huge thanx for the help


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    have you tried the find unmatched query wizard
    from your list id probably search on telephone number

    to join your tables together look into the UNION operator in SQL

    Good Luck

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    Oh boy
    It was so easy to solve my problem
    Great thanx mate for it

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